Wednesday, February 2, 2011

altaer performance

The performance that I created with the assistance from a dance faculty member.
This is a video that I filmed in my own home with my own mother. It references concepts of gratitude, womanhood, motherhood, ritual, love, and reverence.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

altær-BFA final show

“Altær”, my most recent solo exhibition, consisted of a 16ft pedestal covered with thousands of cleaned and empty eggshells. The names of the mothers, from the egg breakfast, were played on a sound piece in which I recited each name. The participants were able to take an eggshell and place it into a large white nylon ring, where they would mimic the projected video of others placing shells into the ring. I also performed the piece wearing a white dress, walking to the beats of the names, and forming a ritual atmosphere. In each of these works I have aimed to create a strong relational aspect.

Relational Breakfast

The ‘relational breakfast’ was a performance piece where those in the community could come and receive a free breakfast of eggs and French toast. I would greet the participants at the beginning of the line and hand them an eggshell and requested that they write their mother’s name on the shell. The participants could then enjoy their breakfast and create connections with others in their community.